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The organizers of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers Church Flea Market & Craft Fair in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania have submitted their spring market to Flea Market Philadelphia. Spaces are $20 and to find more information, visit this website’s Special-Event Markets tab along the top menu bar above and choose April from the drop-down menu.


Flea Market Philadelphia is an online resource for sharing relevant and useful flea market information. It is run by one person, me, and here I go by the name Phlea. My goal is, and always has been, to create a place where local flea marketers—both vendors and shoppers—can find not only when and where flea markets are taking place but also help decide which flea markets are best for them based on what their interests or the merchandise they sell. I do this by publishing constantly-updated lists of upcoming markets, in-depth and first-hand reviews, and various types of how-to articles.

No flea market is too small or insignificant to be included and everyone is welcome to participate by either commenting below individual posts, emailing information or questions to me (phlea@fleamarketphiladelphia.com), or even writing a review or how-to article.

To view my full About page, click this link.

My Declaration of Independence

One thing that has been very difficult for me to make clear over the years is that this website is fully independent and has absolutely NO affiliation with any flea market or flea market organization. Most often Flea Market Philadelphia is confused with Phila Flea Markets, the organization that runs large vintage flea markets throughout the city. Phila Flea Markets has its own website that only contains information on its markets while Flea Market Philadelphia (this website) contains information and schedules of many flea markets taking place in and around the city. Why anyone of at least average intelligence would think that Phila Flea Markets has any interest in listing the schedules and writing reviews of other organizations’ markets—their competition!—is beyond me but even after five years of explaining my non-affiliation, I still sometimes get emails addressed to “Tony” (Tony Soprano runs Phila Flea Markets). Though my moniker here, Phlea, is obviously a pseudonym, I can assure you my real name is not Tony.

Once again, this is Flea Market Philadelphia, not Phila Flea Markets. My name is Phlea, not Tony. I write about flea markets, I don’t run them.

Thank you for finally grasping this (I hope).

Sample This Site

Flea Market Philadelphia is no longer free (it was for its first five years); however, before purchasing a subscription, I’m sure you’d like to take a look around, kick the tires, so to speak. Below are a few samples to give you an idea of what Flea Market Philadelphia has to offer. If you go on to purchase a subscription, thank you in advance for your support; if you don’t, thanks for at least considering it.

Flea Market Listing Page

Click the link below to sample one of Flea Market Philadelphia’s past listing pages. This one is for September of 2016. Listings include flea markets that have been submitted by their organizers (see “Still Free To List”) and those I find by scouring the Internet and various newspapers. Submitted flea markets are the bold and bulleted ones that stand out and contain more information. All listing pages are current and contantly updated.

Click this link to view the free sample listing page: September 2016

Fairmount Flea Market Review

Non-members can read part one of the two-part review I wrote for the Fairmount Flea Market by clicking the link below. This flea market, which takes place around the historic Eastern State Penitentiary at 22nd Street & Fairmount Avenue, in the Art Museum section of the city, is held twice a year normally in May and September. It is Phila Flea Markets’s most popular event and attracts more than 150 vendors and thousands of shoppers.

Click this link to read the free sample: Fairmount Flea Market Review 

How-To Flea Market Article

To sample one of my informative how-to articles, click the link below. This particular article that I wrote was published, in an edited version, on the international website, Flea Market Zone. The title of the post “How To Choose The Right Flea Market To Sell At.” In it, I explain, in detail, what  vendors and prospective vendors should look for when deciding where they want to sell their wares. As I state in the post, all flea markets are not created equal.

Click this link for the free sample: How To Choose The Right Flea Market To Sell At

How Much It Sell For?

Click the link below to sample one of a series of feature posts where I share with members various items that I have found over the years at sidewalk, moving, and yard sales and flea markets and then flipped either online or at other flea markets. This sample is for a pair of vintage Elsa Schiaparelli earrings. I give thorough details of where I found each item, how much I paid for them, and where and for how much each one eventually sold. I also include pictures.

Click here for free sample: How Much It Sell For?: Elsa Schiaparelli Earrings

Still Free To List


Though, as mentioned above, this website is no longer free to navigate, it is still 100% FREE for you to advertise your upcoming markets—and you don’t have to be a paid member to do so. Submitted flea markets get bold, bulleted, and more comprehensive listings in addition to getting priority positioning. All you need to do to get this free form of advertising is follow the easy instructions below:

  1. Click the ‘List Your Market’ tab at the top menu bar of this page (or click the green link below).
  2. Complete the form—it’s comprehensive but very easy (the form is basically a checklist of all the important information shoppers and vendors need and want).
  3. Click “Submit” and I will take it from there (flea markets do not automatically appear but are added by me manually in no more than 24 hours, though often much sooner).
  4. After submitting, changes can be made any time by emailing me at phlea@fleamarketphiladelphia.com (no need to fill out the form again).

List Your Market form

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