In my last post I report that DiSilvestro Playground Craft & Flea Market in South Philadelphia will, in the future, take place “twice a month.” This is wrong; it will actually run every two months and the mistake has nothing to do with anyone misspeaking or another having not fully listened. The mistake actually has everything to do with a minor glitch in a language that otherwise does a pretty good job of providing speakers with the tools for exactitude. The person running the DiSilvestro’s flea market originally told me he was planning on having it “bimonthly” and therein lies the problem. The word bimonthly is . . . well . . . bi in the sense that it means both twice a month and every two months. (You would think that a language that includes biannual, meaning twice a year, and biennial, meaning every two years, would not be so lazy when it comes to yearly’s frequency kin.) At the flea market I made sure to ask again and purposely used the term “twice a month.” (I was a bit suspicious from the beginning since every two weeks seemed like a lot for a city-owned park.) The organizer corrected me and explained that it will run every two months. The next one will be in August and the last one of the season will take place in October.