Let’s face it, flea markets are not the most manly things out there. While a lot of real men like or even love flea markets, most do not brag about their passion at the corner bar while watching an Eagles game. Shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers have helped a bit but, as we speak, flea marketing in general is still considered a feminine activity. When I first started the predecessor to this website, Philadelphia Flea Market News, many readers automatically assumed I was a woman. What man would find flea markets important enough to want to spend so much time writing about them was most likely the thinking. More immediate proof of what I am saying is that save for the regular, weekly flea markets that take place on Sundays, no area organizer purposely chose to schedule its flea market on Father’s Day. Therefore, the obvious consensus is that men, childless or not, do not want to go flea marketing on Father’s Day.

A Case For the ‘Yeahs’

Well, let’s consider this: the Phillies not only stink, they are nameless. No JRoll, Chase, or Chooch around anymore to root for. (Not even a Sarge or Wheels to listen to calling the games.) The NBA and NHL finals are over, and on an 87° and muggy day, thinking about football of any kind is quite uncomfortable. Yes, the final day of the U.S. Open is today but with coverage going into the early evening—and probably not even starting until early afternoon—there is plenty of opportunity for any golf fan to see more than his fair share; in other words, there’s lots of time for other activities. As a result, Father’s Day flea marketing is not looking like such a bad idea especially since yesterday’s rain (or the forecast thereof) has afforded Philly flea-ers a fairly large, special-event opportunity.

What’s on Tap?

Uhuru Flea Market at Clark Park in West Philadelphia, originally scheduled for yesterday, was postponed until its rain date today. It’s normally a pretty well-mixed market that can be great place for both pickers and collectors. In its listing, I’ve included a mini-review. Other possibilities are of what I call the year-round kind and they include the weekly northeast rivals Roosevelt Mall and Trevose (Philadelphia Flea Market). For shoppers, the rivalry notwithstanding, they are close enough to each other to reasonably hit both in a few hours and still get dad home in time to cook him meal and plant him in front of the TV to watch his favorite variation of men hitting white balls with sticks. Closer to Center City and along the Delaware River is the Punk Rock Flea Market at Harbor Park where other activities including the very macho endeavor of beer drinking is available. All these mentioned markets are listed on this website.

Happy Father’s Day. Happy fleaing.