Yesterday, I added two flea markets to Flea Market Philadelphia’s listings. One is in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond section and the other is just outside the city. Both were added to the year-round listings since they take place every week.

Free Church Market

The Free Church of St. John Flea Market started a few months ago and ran sporadically but beginning this Saturday, July 1st, organizers intend to hold it every week until October—weather permitting, of course. The flea market is held on the church grounds at Emerald and Elkhart Streets in Port Richmond and the times are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Spaces are $20 each. According to what I’ve heard, space size is very loose right now as the market is not attracting many vendors but as word spreads, and more vendors start showing up, spaces will be roughly eight to 10 feet. Phone numbers are included in its listing but to get a space vendors simply need to show up on any Saturday morning that it is not raining.

Free Market

While the merchandise at the VFW Post 1597 Flea Market is definitely for sale, there is no charge for vendors to set up. This market also runs every Saturday but the times are 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Space size is one picnic table and there are 21 tables available. A phone number is also included in VFW’s listing but again vendors just need to show up early Saturday morning to secure a space.

Further Info

Both flea markets are kind of small and with space prices so low (one is free), they might be good places for shoppers to find some real deals. Another thing to be aware of is that the Free Church of St. John Flea Market is only about a mile from Konrad Square, which runs Saturday flea markets twice a month (my bimonthly, that is). Konrad Square is also a pretty good place to find good deals so on dates when it is taking place a trip to Free Church certainly makes sense.

To find the listing for the Free Church flea market hover over the Special-Event Markets tab along the top menu bar of any page and click “Philadelphia” from the drop-down menu. The VFW 1597 market can also be found under the Special-Event Markets tab but this time choose Pennsylvania (Outside Philadelphia).

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