Happy 4th—I need a fifth! (A handwritten sign I remember seeing posted many years ago in the window of a toll booth on the Walt Whitman Bridge.) 

Those who have had run-ins with the law in the past know that, to parole officers and halfway house headmasters, Fourth of July is considered a drinking holiday and therefore of particular concern. Many others don’t drink alcohol for various reasons and therefore a good way for anyone in teetotaling mode—whether forced or by choice—to celebrate America’s Independence Day is bargain hunting or antiquing at one of the few flea markets taking place in the Philadelphia area. Even those who do drink can make early visits to one or more of the below-mentioned markets and still have plenty of time later in the day to knock back a few cold ones on the what will most likely be a pretty hot day. (Think of it as a reward.)

Probably the most interesting and anticipated flea market taking place tomorrow is Phila Flea Markets’s First Tuesdays Antique & Vintage Flea Market in Bensalem. It’s the organization’s new once-a-month market that was supposed to debut in June but was rained out. Therefore, tomorrow’s holiday show will be the first one ever of the format. The flea market takes place at the Bensalem Square Shopping Center on Knights Road and runs from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Admission for shoppers is free and further information can be found in the flea market’s listing.

Other flea markets in the general area that will be open on Fourth of July are Cowtown in Woodstown, New Jersey and Rice’s in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Both are listed on different pages of Flea Market Philadelphia’s year-round section. (The New Jersey page for Cowtown and Pennsylvania (Outside Philadelphia) for Rice’s.)

One flea market that is most likely taking place tomorrow but is not listed on this website is at the Lawncrest Recreation Center located at 6000 Rising Sun Avenue. I found out about it from a Craigslist ad posted by one of its vendors but subsequently could not find any further information on it. Not even the rec center’s Facebook page gives any mention of the market. Anyone interested in this flea market should call the rec center at 215-685-0597 or, if that doesn’t work, try contacting the person who posted the Craigslist ad by clicking here

Happy fleaing. Please drink and toke responsibly.