Note to self: DO NOT begin post by explaining how far Phila Flea Markets has come from original formula of Saturday-only markets in May, June, September, and October. No waxing philosophical about how much they’ve “broken the mold” or have gone “outside the box.” And, don’t even think about invoking numerology for “those interested.” I’m sure by now readers are tired of hearing stuff like that and you should be tired of writing it. In the future, impart local flea market history in small doses and pick your spots judiciously. And stop repeating!

Note to readers: I know what some of you are thinking but the above doesn’t count as it was not meant for you. Once you saw “Note to self,” you should have stopped reading that paragraph.

An ongoing event in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, during the summer months, has been its “Stroll the Street” where every Thursday evening from 5 p.m. until sundown people are encouraged to gather along Main Street to eat, drink, shop, and participate in communal events like watching movies, picnicking, and antiquing (keep reading). The weekly event this year started on June 1st and ends September 7th and for three Thursdays in between it will include an antique and vintage market run by Phila Flea Markets a.k.a. Philly Flea.

Philly Flea’s latest venture will take place along Grape Street which is a side street running perpendicular to Main. Its first date is this coming Thursday, July 13, and the two other dates are July 27 and August 31. All three are listed separately in the special-events section of this website with complete shopper and vendor information.

Now to address some possible confusion, which is a pretty big reason why this website exists. Some readers might now be asking themselves, “didn’t Philly Flea run flea markets in Manayunk before?” and “why would they stop and go back?” The answer to the first question is simply yes. Philly Flea ran markets in Manayunk for a few years until last year when they stopped. Those were full-scale markets run in most years two times; once in the spring and once in the fall. They were also Saturday markets with lots of vendors who paid $80 for regular-sized spaces (approx. 20′ x 10′). More importantly, they were, for the most part, “stand-alone” events in that the markets were the attraction not unlike almost all of Philly Flea’s other markets. Overall, those markets did not work out well for most vendors so, as mentioned, they were stopped I believe last year.

These new markets, on the other hand, take place on a weekday, at night, and are part of a larger event with smaller spaces and much lower space prices. Therefore, the answer to the second hypothetical question is that Philly Flea is not, in essence, “going back” because the new markets really have nothing to do with the past ones since logistically they are so different. However, Philly Flea’s past relationship with Manayunk most likely has something, if not everything, to do with them returning. As Tony Soprano of Philly Flea explains, “[he was] asked by The Manayunk Development Corp. to participate in 3 of their Thursday Manayunk Strolls to increase awareness of the event and to bring various groups to the event each week to provide an alternative for shoppers each week.”

Once again, the first Thursday Evenings in Manayunk Antique & Vintage Market will take place on July 13, which is two days from today.