For the past year, long before turning Flea Market Philadelphia into a private club, I have been considering expanding the website’s scope to include listings for rummage, yard, estate, sidewalk, and garage sales. Now, since making the transition, I figure the inclusion of those listings would be a nice addition that not only gives additional value to members but also makes this website a more complete information hub. Unless I receive overwhelming resistance from paid subscribers, I will move forward in the very near future.

Over the years, a few of these non-flea markets have been submitted to Flea Market Philadelphia and I always refused to add them; normally politely emailing their organizers informing them that their sales did not fit the bill. My thinking was that though flea markets are difficult to accurately define, a fundamental, indisputable characteristic is that spaces must be available to be rented by the general public. I still believe that but now realize I was too strict in excluding other types of sales ancillary to the site’s main subject. It cannot be denied that rummage sales, yard sales, etc. are an integral part of the flea market ecosystem, especially for pickers/dealers and hardcore collectors and end users who don’t mind—or actually enjoy—covering a lot of ground during their merch-searching expeditions. Shoppers who like both flea markets and the private sales probably don’t even differentiate between the two and most likely approach both with the same level of seriousness and enthusiasm (I know I do). Another thing that cannot be denied is that, to this day, these private sales thrive in the same way individual bakers, butchers, and pharmacists still thrive despite the existence of supermarkets. It could be said that, in essence and collectively speaking, private sales are unassembled flea markets that often overcome their inconvenience by popping up near and simultaneous to large flea markets. The connection between the two is too profound for me to continue ignoring.

How It Will Be Done

Since I try to keep things on this website very clear and organized, the best way I believe to make this addition is to create a new category just for individual sales—they will not be mixed in with flea market listings. The tab to view them will be along the top menu bar next to the two flea market categories. I will also add a separate submission form for organizers of the sales to fill out and submit the same way organizers currently submit their flea markets. Like flea markets, sales will be listed by date and will include all the information that shoppers need to know; however, unlike flea market listings, I will not attempt to include every sale I find online or in newspapers. There are way too many. For the most part, only sales submitted via my online form will be included though I might include some very well-known sales from time to time that have not been submitted.

A Taste

Although I have been thinking of including rummage and yard-type sales to this site for some time now, what reminded me that I needed to address the subject is the fact that two private sales have been submitted to me in the past month; one through my online flea market form and the other by way of Facebook. Below are the two listings exactly as submitted.

HOBART FLEA MARKET. 2100 North Hobart Street, Philadelphia, PA 19131. 

  • Date: Saturday, October 7
  • Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Rain date: Saturday, October 14
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Merchandise allowed: Mixed
  • Food available: Yes
  • Bathrooms: No
  • Parking – shoppers: On street
  • Phone: 215-900-5634
  • Email:
  • Space price: n/a
  • Space size: n/a
  • Set-up time: n/a

Phlea’s note: although the above sale is called a flea market with all vendor information marked as “n/a” I assume it is either a multi-family sidewalk sale or maybe a church rummage sale. 

Old York Road Temple-Beth Am Presents … 12th Annual “Second Time Around” & Vintage Rummage Sale Admission: Free Preview: Saturday November 4th 6:00-9:00 p.m. Sunday November 5 th 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Old York Road Temple-Beth Am 971 Old York Rd Abington (Philadelphia), PA This is not your everyday flea market. If your on the hunt for lost treasures, this is the place for you — from jewelry, watches, handbags, vintage hats, furs, coats, to Judaica holiday items,from small appliances, baby/children items and much, much,more. It’s a joy of the hunt and the lure of the bargain. Unlike internet shopping, you can touch, smell and closely examine merchandise to find that unique piece you’ve always wanted. You are encouraged to ask questions and learn about what you are buying. If you are looking for something specific, by all means, ask. Flea market shoppers love the Old York Road Temple-Beth Am Annual “Second Time Around” & Vintage Rummage Sale. For further information contact … Toby: 215 470-0994 Cindy: 215 947-9278.