The Website

Flea Market Philadelphia is an attempt to make sense of the local flea market mish mash. A serious attempt to have one place online to find not only when and where flea markets are taking place but, more importantly, which are best to sell or shop at based on your merchandise or your interests.


I have been selling and shopping at flea markets in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area for more than ten years. I consider myself a medium-end dealer of various types of used/recycled merchandise. Although I started out almost exclusively as a book dealer, over the years, I have broadened my scope to include other types of merchandise such as antique/vintage/collectible items, jewelry, art work, and a few choice new items as well. I regularly search sidewalk sales and flea markets (buyer’s markets, of course) for interesting items to add to my inventory. 

Here on Flea Market Philadelphia I go by the pseudonym Phlea. I use this pseudonym in order to maintain my anonymity among flea market organizers. Since I write the reviews, I believe this anonymity helps me remain totally objective.


Flea Market Philadelphia is an independent website that is not affiliated with any individual flea market or organization. All reviews and reports are based on first-hand, personal experience and/or by seeking the opinions of other vendors and shoppers I know and trust. Flea markets do not pay fees to be mentioned here nor can they pay to advertise. As a result, we are beholden to no organizer or manager.