Year-round flea markets are those held every week either all year round or for much of the year. Most take place one to two times per week while some are held three or even four times a week. They are listed here by city (Philadelphia) and state (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware). To view complete lists, simply hover over the ‘Year-Round Markets’ tab above and choose from the drop-down menu.

Add Your Flea Market Now—It’s Free!

Organizers who wish to add their flea markets to one of our year-round lists can click the link below and fill out our easy form. The form contains all the important information that local shoppers and vendors want and need in order to decide to buy or sell at your flea market. In the ‘Additional Information’ section of the form, be as descriptive as you like in “selling” your flea market to prospective shoppers and vendors.

(Please note that submitted flea markets do not automatically appear. After submission, I manually add them within 24 hours and, in most instances, much sooner.)

Click here to list your year-round or special-event flea market (it’s the same form)